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Barrie Jiu Jitsu

Come in and train with Sensei Frank,
a 4-time Canadian, 4-time World Jiu Jitsu / MMA champion
and 6th degree black belt

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Youth Classes
(4-13 yrs)

We offer programs geared towards children that focus on discipline, respect, self-confidence and a broad range of street defense skills taught in a safe, fun environment that your kids are sure to enjoy! 

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Adult Classes
(13 yrs +)

Looking at joining a martial arts club? All of our programs incorporate both fitness and endurance training while you are learning how to defend yourself both in the street and in the ring. We are a complete mixed martial arts facility. 

Friday Night Fights
(All Ages)

Come out and enjoy an evening learning to fight one on one! No matter your age, whether you have previous fighting experience or are fresh off the couch, you’ll have a great time learning both street and competitive fighting skills. 

Cardio Boot Camp

Not ready to join the ranks of Jiu Jitsu? We offer special cardio classes geared just for you! No matter where you’re at in life these fun-filled classes are designed to meet your needs both physically and mentally.  

Our History

In 1989 Sensei Frank Duncan opened Barrie Jiu Jitsu a Japanese based martial arts dojo in the Barrie, Ontario area. He is a 4-time Canadian, 4-time World Jiu Jitsu / MMA champion and a 6th degree black belt. Barrie Jiu Jitsu has always offered classes for kids, parents and adults but have a strong sense of family involvement. Sensei Frank has been committed to helping students achieve their personal best with classes that test their physical and mental boundaries, while gaining functional skills in a fun and safe environment.

What people are saying

Jen and Darren Lavis

“Barrie Jiu-Jitsu is the best dojo in town. Whether you want to build self confidence, loose weight and learn the art, this is the place to go. The Senseis take great interest and effort to try to ensure your success in whatever we choose to accomplish. We can’t say enough about Barrie Jiu Jitsu.”

Matthew Yeatman

“We first brought our son to Sensei Frank in search of an activity he would like. He is a child who is full of life but has a hard time with focus, listening and self-control. That’s why it was shocking to see him enjoy it so much while showing attention and respect at every class. Now our whole family has joined. Barrie Jiu Jitsu has become part of our family.”

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